Next-Gen Records : Making Digital History and Making HIstory Digital


Welcome to the revolution!

Technology has progressed far beyond the wildest dreams of yesteryear's starving
artists and music bigwigs. With just a minor investment and a little practice,
today's new breed of producer artists can turnout quality music from a bedroom
studio and promote their music to an intimate community of fans they actually
get to know - and at no real cost but their own time spent.
Enter... Next-Gen Records.
Next-Gen Records is an artist-driven label, operating the ONLY model that makes
sense for tomorrow's industry. Because of this, Next-Gen Records is attracting
major underground artists who will contribute to our digi-comps and submit albums
for digital distribution through our progressive label this year and going
Equipped with a positive upbeat attitude, a history of "minor-league success"
(including licensing our music for several video game soundtracks) and a
collective-style advisory board of industry veterans combining for over 100 years
of expertise, Next-Gen Records has arrived as a progressive alternative to the
traditional music business... We represent the revolution, and the next-step in
evolution as a record label that exists to EMPOWER RATHER THAN ENSLAVE its
artists, embrace the rapid changes in technology that allow us to reach our
audience (and vice-versa) and we are absolutely focused on digital as our means to
non-traditional market penetration.

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