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ABSYNTHESIS : Heartfelt, Haunting, and Hallucinogenic Beats.......

Levon Louis (a.k.a. Absynthesis) is an internationally acclaimed sound artist and
producer-DJ with a decade of pioneering work in electronic music, video games,
film, and live performance. He is a Hollywood-trained sound effects creator, and
played on his first published record at age 4.
Hailed "a driving force" by the Austin Chronicle, Levon was praised for his early
adoption of the live p.a. performance style and nominated in consecutive years for
awards including"Best Electronica", "Best DJ", and "Keyboardist of the Year" in
America's fourth largest city, his hometown of Houston.
Together with music partner Jaytee Normann his electronica band,Lunatex, was a
top-10 artist on early digital music giant and appeared on some of the
first Xbox video games. Lunatex was a warehouse party sensation, performing at
over 100 dance events and releasing a full-length CD album, "Abducted", with full
retail distribution in 2001 (Ewax records)
He adopted the name Absynthesis in 2005 to represent studio music produced entirely
as a solo artist. Absynthesis became the venue for an expanding sound, and allowed
for new musical direction to be explored without any boundaries as vocals were
introduced along with guitar, and all manner of sound effect designs.
As a sound director for video games, Levon has created content for more than a
dozen front line projects including Transformers and Silent Hill: Homecoming. He
has worked closely with Oscar-winning teams at the top Foley stages in Hollywood
and brings cinematic flare to Absynthesis music.
Levon slept in an open guitar case as a baby and watched his father's new-wave
band open for Duran Duran in 1984. His mother was a cabaret costume designer.
At 10, Levon appeared in Newsweek Magazine as a featured break-dancer and started
making music using live instruments, turntables, and a C-64. Influenced by Laurie
Anderson, Kraftwerk, and Art of Noise his early works were often abstract.
Today, his Absynthesis project reflects a wider spectrum of influences, resonating
with a broad base of fans from all walks of life. The music has been praised for
its relatability, creativity, and danceability.
Absynthesis has performed live in Miami, Houston, Los Angeles, and New York, and
has made musical appearances on video game soundtracks alongside icons like Aphex
Twin, Amon Tobin, The Cure, William Orbit, New Order, Skinny Puppy, and the
Chemical Brothers in 2007-2008.

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