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Phase Theory was formed in 2006 by Kirk Graham and Paul Fredric as a musical collaboration to release
new electronic music without boundaries.


Phase Theory is an original electronic band where each member, unbound by genre, contributes musical
and lyrical expression to communicate their combined life experiences into song.


To simplify: PT does it in a way so you can dance.



The Current Lineup:


Kirk Graham is the vocalist, song writer, and programmer of Phase Theory. Kirk is a seasoned producer,
programmer, and composer. He along with his former bands have performed on stage with Chemlab, Motley
Crue, The Hunger, Oasis, Genitorturers, Information Society and more. For many years, he was a member
of Bozo Porno Circus, Bamboo Crisis, Processor, and currently provides live Keyboards for Asmodeus X.


Mixmaster Fritzi is Phase Theory's master of audio manipulation providing the unique ability to turn any of
PT's music on its edge, providing beats, keyboards, lyrics and song deconstruction. He's also known as
Asmodeus X's front man Paul Fredric and producer/ performer for Verdandi, and Sakaki 4. He has toured
the world in the past as a member of Morphine Angel.


Jeremiah Saint, loved by all whom thou art dark, provides additional programming, keyboards, lyrics, and
backup vocals. He's an established keyboard player, programmer of his own self titled project, and performs
frequently with Regenerator.



Releases (Next-Gen Records)


Glamour Whore (Single, 2007)
Phase 0 (5-track EP, 2007)
Phased Out (LP with Remixes, 2007)


For that and their album, "Phased Out," the Los Angeles Music Awards gave them the title in November
2007, "Best Experimental Artist," exposing a new hybrid of electronic music.


Phase Theory is currently applying the finishing touches to the long overdue Decayed EP due out in the
summer of 2011, and is in the studio recording the first single, Dust from the upcoming album Fragments.


Phase Theory's music is available for purchase through numerous online distribution channels including
iTunes, Amazon and Rhapsody, directly via PayPal and at all of their shows.


Phase theory has remixed Asmodeus X, Relleveller, Red Flag, Pecadores to name a few.



Other contributors to Phase Theory:


Jonathan Kramm
Darren Webster
Chris (Xan) Edwards
Chris Vasquez
Chad Haley
Ken Gerhard


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