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"3 1/2 stars...The brash four-piece uses irresistible snake-charmer bass lines to glue together
Detroit scuzz, hook-y retro punk ˆ la the Damned and shout-along glam choruses. Bad attitude
never felt so good, dude." - Rolling Stone
"There are glimmers of everything from classic-rock guitar heroics to metal swagger in the swirl of
ripped-jeans grooves on the Vacation's debut, Band From World War Zero." - SPIN
"Rail-thin front man Ben Tegel is a dervish, prancing amid of shower of sweat and beer. C'mon, Axl,
you wish you wrote 'Destitute Prostitutes.'" - LA Times
"Sounding like '70s gutter-punks The Damned aligned with the boozy cockiness of Keith Richards, or
Iggy Pop slapping his meaty cock across Marc Bolan's pasty face, The Vacation peddle a fine line in
sassy, sleaze-sodden, dumb rock n' roll funÉsavagely tossing forth shards of distorted guitar fury
over hook-laden beat-pop, constructing a menagerie of musical wonder that you could dance, fuck
or drink to." - NME
"Éenergetically scuffed-up tunes with proper hooksÉas timeless as a black leather jacket, there'll
always be a place for outfits like The Vacation." - Kerrang!

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